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Create your own custom Ebook landing page.

ePublishing is very popular now and there are various ways to implement it on your website.

Simple image sliders are effective and cheap. They can be made at various sizes and can also have links embedded to enable shopping cart provision.

Ebook Page 2

Suitable for many types of different applications.


 Event lists.
Travel guides etc.

“lower production costs and publish yourself”

– Robert Connely

Show Your Ebook Below

Use a Slider module to display pages in your Ebook or any images. This is just a sample.


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Below is a sample document that is used for this demo page

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This is another sample document to showcase various ebook pages

Ebook Page 2
Ebook Page 2
Ebook Page 2

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About the Author

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Tell the world about yourself

A fantastic opportunity for budding authors, businesses and anyone who has ‘something to say’

Hear What People are Saying…

“I’ve had tremendous feedback from people since the launch of my travel guide to Paris, now in it’s 16th edition with thousands of online views and paid subscriptions.”

Scott Maxter

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Ebook Page 2
Ebook Page 2
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